The Telepoint Communications Difference

At Telepoint Communications, we help clients leverage business process outsourcing to improve business performance and to compete more effectively in the marketplace. We work as an extension of our clients`, utilizing our many years of industry experience to optimize operations and achieve strategic business objectives. Here is what differentiates us

Partnership Approach

We understand that each client is different and that‟s why our first step is to get a clear understanding of your
business objectives. Telepoint Communications works diligently to meet client needs, aligning with client goals,
and working procedures, not imposing ours.

English Language Proficiency

All of our employees have one thing in common. They speak superb, accent neutral English. We realize this is a
communication business so we hire only the most English-proficient talent in the labor market.

Precision Hiring

We fill positions based on the job descriptions and skill requirements provided by our client. We do not staff with bodiess but rather with the exact skills to deliver the desired results.

Industry Best Practices

We use industry best, time tested, practices across all business units and functions to insure the utmost in
reliability, quality and performance.


We have heavily invested in a state-of-the-art BPO facilities that were designed and built with the technology and
security to serve major corporations

Cutting Edge Technologies

We deploy the latest, cutting edge technologies to ensure maximum agent efficiency.
Top-end, highly incentivized, first-rate agent compensation and superior advancement opportunities mean that we
attract and keep the best agent talent, give better service to your clients and a better ROI to you.

Cost Competitiveness

Last but not least, a highly competitive cost structure. You won‟t find a better value and return on your investment
anywhere in the industry.

Telepoint Communications is a seasoned operator in providing outsourced customer contact management
solutions and appointment setting services. We are particularly skilled in delivery of personalized service to the
business process outsourcing (BPO) needs of the Small to Medium Industry market. We provide an array of
inbound and outbound contact center solutions to gamut of small and medium sized businesses around the world.
Our core niche is English voice BPO work servicing the needs of businesses in the United States, Nigeria,
Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

We will give you an unfair advantage that will help you advance your sales and customer service initiatives at cost
and growth levels that was once thought impossible. We will harness the best callers in the world for the not so
biggest budget.

Our expertise is to apply the extensive experience laid down by servicing our Fortune 500 clients and diverse
background to handle your small to medium calling accounts. We have special, low commitment and low cost
solutions to get your appointment setting or outbound calling initiatives done right now and below budget.
Our ironclad and proven BPO processes in strategy, planning, execution and of course low costs will let you
dominate your market. This has been done time and again ranging from providing market intelligence work for
some of the biggest Top 100 corporations to the fledging janitorial firm needing to establish their first cleaning

We can get your campaign started at costs below hiring just one telemarketer to show up in your office.

Market Research

Market research through surveys can play an important and valuable role in any corporation‟s business
intelligence program. At Telepoint Communications, we methodically design and conduct a wide variety of
telephone surveys carefully matched to our clients‟ information requirements. Our customer survey teams work
closely with you, our client, to target the appropriate customers from within your client base, formulate useful
survey questionnaires, and develop information that‟s useful to you. We employ experienced and well-trained
agents who are adept in professional telephone survey techniques. Surveys are conducted in a conversational
approach that results in consistent, accurate data collection. Prior to any telephone survey engagement, each
agent goes through an orientation about you (our client), your products and services and the project objectives and
expected results.